This 3 month intensive mentoring program is designed to assist motivated individuals to find their truth, their BRILLIANCE, and achieve the goals they desire. Jean works from her heart and her experience to help you focus, define and strategize. You CAN work from your passion and create abundance in your life – in every area! Contact Jean TODAY to get started! $555.00.

Here is what one mentoree had to say about the program:

“I first began my mentorship with Jean in response to Spirit when setting resolutions for the new year. My life had become unmanageable, and I was trying to figure out who I was, what I liked and where I was headed. I suppose it was a midlife crisis and I hardly knew where to turn.

Each week Jean lovingly held my hand as we talked on the phone and met in video chats and what started with my own meaningless meandering ended with purposeful direction. Jean’s mentorship was the perfect supplement to the actions I had been taking for improvement of my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional life.                                                                                       Melissa, Augusta GA