Ask just about anybody and they will tell you that the energies of late have been challenging. In a more positive light, we have been challenged to shed our old skin and let go of limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding us back from joy in our lives. 

As I observed my own process, I was able to identify the four stages of High Alchemy, so I thought it would be good to share these with you. Here they are:

Nigredo: a place of unawareness. This is our beginning point on our spiritual journey, before we begin to take responsibility for what we create in our reality

Albedo: the process of purification. When we start to wake up to our truth, we can choose to do our inner work to clear away what no longer serves us.

Citrinitis: transmutation. Next, we are able to transmute the lower energies into ones of higher vibration—from fear into love

Rubedo: the point of success. Here we find the sacred marriage of opposites—the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine unite within us.

Where are you on your path to joy? There is still time! Where you are is perfect, and you can begin to do the work to move yourself forward. If I can assist, I am always happy to do so!