I have been known to be the Queen Of Procrastination. Recently I decided to stop this madness and get some help in overcoming it. I considered such options as getting a fitness trainer to make me accountable to go to the gym, a nutritionist to support me in healthy eating, even a business coach to prod me to do the things I know I should do to grow my business. 

Then I had a moment of illumination—I tell everyone I coach that change has to come from within. So why should I look outside myself when I know where the answers really are? Certainly I should be walking my talk!

I had a vision. It looked like an isosceles triangle. At each of the points I saw the face of one of my friends (my responsible friends), and each on had committed to assist me with one area where I was desiring to improve. When I needed help I simply called out to the appropriate etheric friend and she would reply, ‘I got this.’ The energy around whatever it was would then shift.

The triangle represents the sacred geometry energetics that support the fabric of my reality. My friends are connected to me through a grid of accountability, and the intention to change is what creates the shift. It’s an inside job!