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POWER TALK With Jean Adrienne is LIVE VIDEO and airs every Monday at 7 PM Eastern on & Topics are focused on consciousness-raising and personal empowerment, and Jean interviews many interesting guests. Recorded shows will be posted on Facebook and the recordings aired on iHeart radio as well.   Join the RSS feed and see below for upcoming shows!

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Power Talk airs live every Monday at 7 PM Eastern on as well as my Facebook page. Each week I interview a special author of uplifting spiritual and empowerment books. Here are the upcoming guests:

11.18.2019 – Jin Shin

Alexis Brink joins us to introduce the amazing art of Jin Shin, a method of healing using the fingertips.

11.25.2019 – Transforming Life’s Ordeals into Opportunities For Growth

Frank Pascuiti is an author and clinical psychologist, and we will discuss his new book The Chrysalis Crisis